Teaser payoff

October 3, 2007

Wow. Where to begin? Let me go read the teaser. I’ll be back.

Ok. I’m back. First up, extracurricular activities. We have one high schooler playing field hockey, one younger boy playing football and one younger girl cheerleading. That means we have a practice or game every day after school and on Saturday also. Sorry to say that the high school field hockey games get the short shrift due to timing of it all. So being busy every evening and during the weekends results in the days being full of running errands. Also, the youngest boy is doing gymnastics once a week. Almost forgot about that! I’m not complaining. It’s really a lot of fun, just hectic.

Next. Why does September feel like July? It’s because of the sun. It’s giving us way too much heat and I don’t like it. The weather man on the news calls the sunshine we experience “abundant”. I would call it “incessant”. Interesting how one little word change can alter the whole meaning of a sentence. All right, so I can just pretty much write off September as just another month of summer. Fine. What about October? It’s October right now and we’re anticipating temps in the mid 80’s this week. WHY? It’s highly irritating to get a sunburn while watching a football game. The universe is weird lately.

Here’s what I’ve been reading: Devilish by Maureen Johnson. Pretty good. So far, MJ’s books have been fairly consistent. I’m about halfway through Cecil Castellucci’s Queen of Cool and, well, I’m not really digging it very much. I can’t relate to any of the characters. Why, you say, would I expect to relate to any of the characters in a book written for teenage females? Well, I respond, there are teenage males in that book and I have been one of those before. Still can’t relate to, or even like, the characters. That is NOT a comment about Cecil’s writing ability, ’cause I like her. I’m just not digging this particular book. Next up for me is The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. Marcus, you may remember, wrote The Messenger, which is my favorite read of the year so far.

Someday I may tell you how the whole “John is a sports announcer” thing happened, but for now just know that it’s a lot of fun. Our teams play their home games at the high school field and they have an announcer to introduce the teams and say the results of each play and who was involved in it and the scores and all that stuff. I was asked initially to just announce the games for my son’s team (the youngest team) but midway through my first game, the league officials asked me to take over and work all of the games (there are three different levels, so three games) and I accepted the invitation. It’s been great. The crew I work with is really good and getting better, as am I. After last week’s games, the league told me that the job is mine for as long as I want it. If only it involved some sort of monetary exchange, which it doesn’t. I do get free food, however, so someone must have tipped them off to my weakness.

Well, this post has gone on long enough and I am kind of busy today (did I mention that?) so I’ll save the “love of Cracker Barrel restaurants” story for another time.

P.S. David Sedaris was in Wilmington, DE last night and I had to miss it! I told you the universe was messed up.

In case you haven’t already heard me say it, the radio show “This American Life” is tremendously good. It’s so good, I’d pay to listen to it and in the past I have. No more, though. This American Life is available as a free podcast. You can get it from iTunes or from their website at Thislife.org. It’s really good stuff. The Christmas show from a few weeks ago was a classic. David Sedaris’ story was, as usual, brilliant. My own podcast will be similar in style to TAL, I hope, without being a blatant rip off.

How about that? I’ve used this blog to promote a podcast I haven’t even produced yet!

Twice! (see “Return to Sender” below)

Anyway, rest assured that I will let everyone know when my podcast is finally ready. It’s an exciting and time-consuming project that should be a lot of fun. It should also be more of a collaborative effort than anything I’ve done so far.

But that’s not what I came here to tell you about. I’m here to tell you about This American Life being great and free. So there.