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September 25, 2007

Here’s what I plan on writing about whenever I get home and have enough time to do it properly:

1. the family extra-curricular activities
2. why September feels like July (something to do with the sun)
3. what I’ve been reading
4. my thoughts on being a sports announcer
5. my love of the Cracker Barrel restaurant
6. whatever else comes to mind

Also, I gave my youngest son (4 years old) a bedtime hug the other day and he told me I smelled like an “old porch”. I don’t even know where he learned to put the words “old” and “porch” together. I certainly don’t know how he knows what one smells like. What DOES an old porch smell like? Maybe I heard him wrong? Was he really trying to say “cold pooch” or “mold borscht”? Frankly, none of those things is all that flattering.


September 12, 2007

ME: I can’t believe it’s September 12th already and I haven’t posted a blog entry since the end of August.

Voice Inside My Head: Yep. You sure are letting people down.

ME: Hey, c’mon now. I’m sure people will understand that I’ve been busy.

VOICE: Sure, sure. Busy. Procrastinating, whatever.

ME: I’ve got sports practices with the kids every night. Then there are the games every weekend. And have you forgotten that I am the stadium announcer for the home games, which takes up practically a whole Saturday?

VOICE: We do a pretty good job with that, don’t we?

ME: I think so.

VOICE: Still, the practices are after school. What do you do all day?

ME: All the stuff I can no longer do in the evenings! Are you new around here?

VOICE: Still. I’m just saying there should be a few minutes in there to keep up your blog. That’s all I’m saying.

ME: Well what about you? Have you come up with anything brilliant for chapter nine of Middle Grade Novel yet? Have you?

VOICE: been busy.

ME: Oh, of course. You’re busier than me? How’s that work?

VOICE: Hmmm. What’s that smell?

ME: What? I don’t smell anything.

VOICE: It’s coffee.

ME: I don’t smell it.

VOICE: You will after you walk into the kitchen and make some.

ME: Stellar idea. Good talk.

VOICE: Wait, wait a minute. Don’t you usually tell people what you’re reading or listening to?

ME: Yeah. Do you really think they’ll care that I’ve just finished reading Nailed by Patrick Jones and that I didn’t think it was all that great or that my iTunes Recently Played list consists of a bunch of various songs I’ve probably already mentioned?

VOICE: They might. At least it would be SOMETHING.

ME: All right, then. Maybe tomorrow.