of course I can

July 13, 2007

I’ve been slowly catching up with John and Hank Green’s video blog Brotherhood 2.0, which, for me, is an excellent form of procrastination and one episode I really enjoyed was the one where John gets a phone call from the Printz Award people. It just looked like so much FUN to get an award for all your hard work!

So, I’ve decided that I need a Printz Award also. By the way, they are NOT easy to get and I know that I’ll probably have to go it alone, since you people have not been all that helpful in my quest to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks for nothing. Not winning the Peace Prize may well make me violent.

The hardest part about winning an award for all your hard work is probably the actual completion of the work that is to be recognized with the award. Taking congratulatory phone calls is fun and easy. I think I’m a natural at that. I can show up at awards dinners, shake hands and be gracious. I’m not a natural at that, but can fake it pretty well. Going around and saying things like, “Don’t you know who I am?” and berating any librarian who refuses to salute me will also be fun and easy. Now, in order to win a prestigious national book award, I’ll have to complete my book and also make it really good. Those are my main challenges.

especially with 5 months of the Green brothers’ video blogs to watch.

Oh, one more thing. I went to Teavana yesterday to stock up on loose tea and one of the samples they had available was an iced tea with some sort of plum flavor. It tasted like juice to me (it was sweetened) and when I asked the counter person what kind of tea it was made with, she showed me two flavors. It was a blend. Then she told me I’d have to buy at least the minimum amount of each, so in order to make iced tea that tastes like plum juice, I’d have to spend over $12.00 for the tea leaves. I may have lost my mind when it comes to buying tea from a gourmet tea store, but that is way beyond my level of craziness. I did, however buy some other teas, so when I have a chance to try them I’ll let you know how they are. One of them was the Raspberry Black, which I already told you is very good.

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