Ahhhh, truth in advertising.

February 28, 2007

There’s a Verizon commercial out there now where various people talk about how their Verizon home telephone service is “Always on”, even when the power is out to their homes. Some of the scenes include images of those people talking on cordless phones (not cell phones, by the way, cordless home phones). I’m pretty sure that Verizon does not include any type of electricity generator in their phone service plans, so talking about power outages and showing people using a device which needs power seems kind of silly to me. Don’t you just know that some nut is going to remember that commercial the next time the power is off and will try to call 911 on his cordless phone?

I’m so glad I have a local Apple retail store. My iBook refused to eject a disc (a Mac OS X disc, by the way. Irony?) and I had to take it in for service. I’m also glad I have the extended warranty, since they had to replace the Super Drive with a brand new one. They had the repair done in just a few hours. Some of you might wonder what’s so great about needing to have the drive replaced in the first place. That did stink, but I can accept that sometimes computers and computer parts fail, even Apple ones, and I’m very happy that the folks down at the Apple store took care of the problem so quickly. So I got the disc back, got my Mac back and I’m very satisfied once again.

Also, while I was there, I picked up a Snowball microphone which is very cool. Here’s a picture for you.
Snowball mic

Groovy, right? I’m getting closer to that podcast, kids!

Here’s my review of the 2007 Grammy Awards show. I’ll break it down into 3 categories for you, starting with the good.


-seeing the Police perform together for the first time in approximately 52 years.
-Corinne Bailey Rae, who could sing an instruction manual while sitting in a garbage dump and still be stunning.
-Chris Brown’s performance, while it didn’t include much singing, did have quite a bit of jumping around. It looked like a hip-hop circus.
-John Legend, John Mayer and Rae performing together.
-The wacky faces Mayer makes during a guitar solo.
-Stevie Wonder being moved to tears.


-The much hyped Police reunion consisted of just one song at the opening of the broadcast, while people like Justin Timberlake (2 songs) and Mary J. Blige (3 songs + awards) seemed to never leave the stage.
-What was wrong with John Legend’s mouth? He sang like he had dental surgery done backstage before his performance.
-The “My Grammy Moment” contest. It brought a sad, low-budget feel to the show. That sort of thing should be far beneath the Grammy Awards show, but apparently it isn’t.
-Prince and his self-promoting, transparent “Thank You” commercial.
-I know I’m not a big hip-hop/rap fan, but how many songs do we need to hear where one person sings and 2 or 3 other people dance around with microphones and say “Yeah”, “Uhhh” and “C’mon”?
-Rascal Flatts should NEVER again be allowed to sing Eagles songs. NEVER. I got the feeling that during their version of “Life in the Fast Lane”, Carrie Underwood was sent up to save them.
-Where was Rick Rubin? How many times is his name going to be mentioned before they either get a camera on him or at least show a picture? Answer – all of them.
-John Legend, John Mayer and Rae lumped together instead of having their own performances. Another Grammy missed opportunity.


-Red Hot Chili Peppers performance. What a snoozer that was. Even Flea’s manic, displaced leaping around couldn’t inject any life into that thing.
-Gnarles Barkley. How many times have they performed “Crazy” on an awards show? Is that all they do? It’s getting tired and I’m disappointed that they didn’t dress up as stormtroopers again.
-The “My Grammy Moment” winner was a pretty, petite girl with a decent voice, much like about a thousand other people.
-Couldn’t the Grammy people give James Blunt a decent microphone? Would it have made a difference?
-The Dixie Chicks. OK, good for them. The more Natalie Maines spoke, the less I wanted them to win. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with being annoying.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably have to edit this post as I remember new things. It’s still early.

a whole new level

February 5, 2007

I took a quick look at the web site statistics for my main site (jpchambers.com) and saw something odd. Someone found my site by doing a Google search for “Emergency bathroom poems”. I have no poems in that category on my site, that I’m aware of, and I’m still trying to get my mind to stop spinning. If you had a bathroom emergency, is a poem really going to help? What could possibly happen in the bathroom that would make a person just completely give up and begin reciting poetry? What sort of person would have a suitable poem memorized just in case? The next time this person has a bathroom emergency, are they going to be reciting words from my very own website?

This is a level of celebrity I’ve never even considered.