Return to sender

January 2, 2007

Well, the holidays are over and thank goodness. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like when Santa left the gifts for our children, he took their sanity back home to the North Pole with him. It’s been pure craziness around here. The kids all march around and declare a state of boredom in our house. We have, at last count, 3 televisions, 3 computers (all with DVD capability), 1 portable DVD player, 1 video game system, countless board games, many Christmases and birthdays worth of toys, gadgets and dolls, and don’t forget that we are at the end of the fifth warmest December on record, so they could be outside every single day. They’re bored, they say. How can these kids be bored when just two generations ago, kids played games called “Kick the can” and “Stick ball” because all they had to play with were empty cans and sticks. My kids are bored. And crazy. I’m almost to the point where I wouldn’t mind if they played games called “Kick the DVD player” and “Gadget ball”. I can’t even find the words to describe how crazy it has been in our house, so I’ll have to resort to using words I learned from watching cartoons on Saturday when I was a kid. Did I mention that now there are TV channels which show cartoons 24 hours a day? My kids are too bored for that. The cartoon words that describe the situation here are “Rassin’ Frassin’”. It’s been rassin’ frassin’. Now, if I wasn’t such a lazy goof and if I had my podcast up and running, you could hear me pronounce those words properly, with heavy accents on the Rs and As. I am working on producing a podcast because I feel that what the world really needs is another unqualified lunatic with a media outlet. Anyway, it’s been truly rassin’ frassin’ around here and if this is a gift that Santa left for us, you’ll find me in the return line.

2 Responses to “Return to sender”

  1. you don’t know how hard it is to try and have fun while being a kid and dreading the school day tomorrow and have all that junk! you just don’t know what it’s like being a kid!
    ps – in gadget ball I recomend using something you have, because you have all the gadgets.

  2. Bec said

    I can sooooo relate!

    So, let’s all sing!

    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    We wish you a Merry Christmas
    Thank God school’s back in! *wink*

    I like your new blog, John! Cool, you’re going to have a podcast!

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