December 22, 2008

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November 5

November 5, 2008

It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted a new blog. I may be the worst blogger of all time. I shouldn’t even be blogging right now. I should be working on THIS instead. Maybe that’s why I’m here banging away at my keyboard. I can only stop procrastinating in one area if I have another area to procrastinate in. So there it is, ladies and gentlemen, my secret to success. Always have something you’re NOT doing, but should be.

weekend update

August 12, 2008

Wow. What a busy weekend. We had an extended family crabfeast here on Saturday. Then we had our local fire department’s carnival to go to that evening. We went to the Orioles game on Sunday in Baltimore and that was a pretty good time. The birds didn’t win (lost 15-7 to the Rangers), but there was a lot of offense. The pitchers got hit around pretty badly. The coolest thing was when my son and his friend moved down to lower seats near the end of the game. Our original seats were pretty good (about 12 rows from the field) but the two kids went all the way down to the Rangers’ dugout. After the game, Michael Young (the Rangers’ All-Star shortstop) gave the boys his batting gloves! Talk about two excited kids! He actually gave the gloves to my son’s friend Jack, who then gave JP one of the gloves. Great kid. And thanks, Michael Young for making those kids the happiest kids leaving the ballpark that day.

Today, it’s back to the grind with cheerleading and football practice.

Music: I’m not a huge country music fan, but I have been listening to Lady Antebellum lately. Enjoying it a lot.

Oh, one more thing about the baseball game. There is a group of people who are, apparently, big fans of Orioles third baseman Melvin Mora. They call themselves Melvin’s Amigos. That a nice name, but I was hoping to see a group calling themselves Melvin’s Morans, which I think would be really funny. It reminds me of this, which may be the greatest picture ever taken.


July 26, 2008

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blogging the day away

July 7, 2008

All right, don’t get too excited, but this is my second blog entry in 5 or 6 days. Unreal, right? Man, I feel like all I’ve been doing with my life is writing blogs! Two in one week? It’s definitely time for a vacation or something.

    Could this be the Soul’s year?

What a game it was! What a finish! The Philadelphia Soul are hosting the division championship game for the first time ever. It should be quite the scene at the Center on Saturday. Whaddya mean you’ve never heard of the AFL? It’s football in the spring and summer. What more could you ask?

    The Tipping Point

Now, you people know by now how late I am to so many different things. Could be cultural, could be historical, political, whatever. Could also be literary. I’m finally reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Mr. Gladwell already blew my mind when I read Blink, which was a great book, and he has done it again with The Tipping Point. It’s all about how little things can make a major difference and how things like ideas and behaviors can spread just like a virus would. Like an epidemic. And why.

    Other current events

… but only the ones that center on ME. I am preparing for another round of submissions for Lilly Dances, my sort-of-picture-book-but-not-quite project. It’s more of a very short book with pictures. Actually, it has no pictures right now (I’m no artist), but it would be way better with pictures. Like a picture book would. Like a really long picture book.

but not quite.

The kids are doing fine on their summer break from school. I’m doing fine also, but I CAN tell you how many weeks until the school buses start rolling again.


wake up

July 1, 2008

Wake up, John. It’s July.

What? July already? Can’t be. I’m going back to sleep.

It’s July, John. You need to get up and write a blog.

Well, I’m looking at the calendar right now and it says, “July 1”, so that means I have 30 OTHER days to write blogs and it doesn’t have to be done right now. Thank you, by the way, for waking me up so early in July. You know I hibernate in the summer. Now, leave me alone.

Now, what kind of guilt-inducing blog conscience would I be if I just left you alone to procrasticate? You have to write. People want to know what you’ve been doing.

No they don’t.

They do. WRITE.


Hey everybody! How y’all are? Things here are actually going pretty well, considering the kids don’t have any school or sports keeping them busy right now. This is our down time. July. July goes fast only in retrospect. When you’re in the middle of it, July seems like a month with 74 days.

    You should go ahead and read Suite Scarlett, ‘k?

I’ve finished reading Suite Scarlett, finally – I know, and I’d say it was pretty good. Maureen was definitely on her game when she wrote this one, and it’s cool to see so much of her own personality in her writing. Really enjoyable read. I don’t know what I’m going to read next, but it will probably be yet another book about marketing, advertising and copywriting, which is a potential new career path for me. More on that if it actually develops.

    Check out Lewis Taylor, too.

I don’t know why I’m so late to the party, since Lewis Taylor has already quit the music business, but I recently heard a live version of his song, “Stoned Pt. 1” and it’s so good. Wow. I could only find the studio version on YouTube, so I’ve stuck that in here. The live version I heard is on Volume 22 of the Live From the World Cafe series and it is better than the studio version, if you ask me – or even if you don’t.

    Out and about

Daughter 2 and I spent some time at Canal Day in Chesapeake City last weekend and had a really good time. The crowds were not as bad as they have been in the past and there were lots of things to see and do. We had a great little father/daughter time. I like when I can have some one on one time with the kids individually. I think that’s important, but it can be hard to accomplish.

    Could this be their year?

Our own Philadelphia Soul have finished the season with the best record in the league (13-3) and are all ready for the playoffs, which for them begin this Saturday. I took Daughter 1 and Son 1 up to the team headquarters this past Sunday for a little meet and greet with the players and coaches and a tour of the facility. It was great of the Soul to arrange that for some of their season ticket holders. The catered dinner was pretty good too.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I still have to go back and edit this to work properly on all of my various blogging outlets.


June 17, 2008

Ahhh. Summer. Goes by so fast. What month is it now, July? June? June, you say? Wow. Seems like just yesterday it was April. Or November. Or something.

So, what’s been up? Well, we are now 3 weeks into our CSA membership at Colchester Farm. So far we’ve had lots and lots of different kinds of lettuce, radishes, spinach, broccoli, garlic, herbs and flowers and have even gotten our hands on some nice, organic bread. The kids are even getting into choosing their own vegetables and having a great time with it.

Baseball season is over for our boys, but both did really well and had a lot of fun. The younger one will probably move up to Coach Pitch next year, as he can already hit pretty well without the tee. I have two more Tball stories to write and I really should get that done because before you know it, football/cheerleading season will be upon us and I’ll be all occupied with that.

You know how I am.

We finally ditched the old cartridge-type pool filter that has been the bane of my existence for 10 years and now have a sand/micromedia filter. Holy wow, that thing is great! Our pool is clean and clear and all the maintenance the filter requires is a periodic turn of a switch. Heaven.

I recently tried some chocolate covered coffee beans for the first time and they were not too bad. Of course, it goes against everything I’ve ever known about coffee and whether or not you should eat the beans (hint: not). I wouldn’t even think about eating coffee grounds and that’s basically what the bean becomes after you’ve ground it up with your teeth, right? Why not just cover other disgusting things with chocolate? Chocolate covered eggshells. Chocolate covered hair.

Then again, what do I know?

Here is a picture I found somewhere along my internet travels, which clearly demonstrates the importance of making sure your audience has all the relative information.

brownridge whoops

Soul vs Dallas

April 28, 2008

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April 27, 2008

Well this week has been a bit crazy, but we got through it. My wife had to go out of town for a few days and with five kids all involved in different activities (except the girls, they’ve been staying together for now) that meant a fair amount of running around for me. I had to get help from a few friends here and there and that definitely made things easier. So, thanks, Friends!

The boys’ baseball teams are doing well and the younger one’s Tball team has already inspired one essay to completion and I have another one started. Now, I’m no Rick Reilly (to me, the best sports essayist there is) but it is nice to be inspired, regardless. I don’t know if I’ll be able to write about my older son’s baseball team, because some of those kids get MAD.

This kid will make the team in a few years.
This kid will make the team in a few years.

I finally finished reading “With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa” by E.B. Sledge, which is about as funny as it sounds, but I found it really interesting anyway. That book is being used as part of the basis for the HBO miniseries The Pacific, a companion piece to Band of Brothers.

So now we’re getting ready for another hectic week with more baseball, lacrosse and gymnastics AND I need another book. Maybe I should just get back to writing one.